Wonders of the Universe

Open to all.
31 October 1998
11:00 am
Childern Library Complex, Shahra-e-Aiwan-e-Tijarat, Lahore

GALACTIC SPLENDOUR: The milky way is a swarm of energy and brilliance. One finds exuberant astrophotography: nature in its raw - the life and birth and ultimate death of stars; the prized celebrities of the heavens; nebulae and constellations. It also gives us a glimpse into the galactic suburbs, where stars are born.

COSMIC CATASTROPHES: This part concerns epic eruptions of energy on the surfaces of celestial bodies. These havoc events may mean only pinpricks on the gianter organisms such as the Jupiter, but they mean catastrophe from a human scale. Such cataclysms may also have exterminated dinosaurs from the earth 65 million years ago and made way for humans - a catastrophe for one species, a blessing for another.

Resource People: 
Resource Person
Abdullah Mahmood
Project Director, Children Complex, Lahore