Is reality really real?

From Albert Einstein to John Bell and beyond
Open to all.
05 May 2008
11:00 am
University of the Punjab, Lahore

From elementary particles to superconductors, nature of vacuum to electronics industry, radioactivity to black holes, quantum mechanics has emerged as one of the most brilliant outcomes of the modern mind. But quantum mechanics is also riddled with paradoxes and counter-intuitive observations. It has cast doubts on the nature of "reality" itself! Does the moon really exist, whether we look at it or not? Come and explore how the greatest minds of our times have made attempts at reconciling quantum theory with reality, if at all possible? All in the words of one of Pakistan's most distinguished scientists.

Resource People: 
Dr. M. Suhail Zubairy
Institute for Quantum Studies, Texas A&M University, Texas, USA
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