From Space Missions to Space Explorations

A public talk by Mr. Mansoor Ahmed, Associate Director, Astrophysics Projects Divsion, NASA
Sponsors & Collaborators: 

Ali Institute of Education Astrobiology Network of Pakistan Lahore Astronomical Society

Registration is required.
29th October, 2018
10:00 am
Mustafa Hall, Ali Institute of Education

Khwarizmi Science Society has organized a public lecture by Mr. Mansoor Ahmed with the collaboration of Ali Institute of Education, Astrobiology Network of Pakistan and Lahore Astronomical Society.

Ever since the humans started to think, they have been curious about the heavens. Over the years, we have taken advantage of technological advances to gain better understanding of the universe. In some cases, this curiosity has propelled the technological advances that have been extremely beneficial in our daily lives as well. In this talk, Mr. Ahmed will discuss how our knowledge has expanded via space based astronomy with observatories such as Hubble Space Telescope and what we hope to learn with the James Web Space Telescope. This talk will further discuss the mysteries yet to be solved, missions yet to be achieved and the technological advances yet to be made. Mr. Ahmed will challenge the young generations of today to finding the answers to some the key questions for the humanity:

 How does the universe work?

 How did the universe evolve from the “Big Bang” to what it looks like today?

 Where did we come from?

 Is there life beyond earth?

 Can humans inhabit other planets? 

The KSS and its collaborators cordially invite their members and friends to be a part of this remarkable discussion. Registration is required for all attendees.

Resource People: 
Guest Speaker
Dr. Mansoor Ahmed
Associate Director, Astrophysics Projects Division NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, Maryland