KSS goes to Misbah al Quran Summer Course

Al Huda, Defence Branch, Lahore
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Al Huda, Defence Branch, Lahore

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27 July, 2017
10:30 am
Al Huda Defence Branch, 118 - J, Phase I, DHA, Lahore

The Khwarizmi Science Society will indulge in some math fun with the little ones at Al Huda, Defence Branch on 27th July. The Misbah al Quran Summer Camp organized with the help of life member Momin Uppal will be our second camp this summer and we are so very glad to see the children make the most of their vacations. 


Venue: 118-J, Phase I, DHA, Lahore

Time: 10:30 am -- 1:00 pm

For more information and Registrations, contact +923455200543