Postscript of Dr Salman's Astronomy Lecture

The Astronomy lecture on 14 October by Dr Salman Hameed was hailed as an encouraging success, with a healthy audience, a grasping speaker and seamless organization. The session was Presided by the Vice President of the Khwarzimic Science Society, Dr Hasan Shah, who is currently the Chairman of the Physics Department, Government College University and a long associate of the KSS. The event was mediated by the President KSS, Dr Saadat Anwar Siddiqi. He introduced and thanked the speaker, mentioning that the KSS had the opportunity to play host to him in a trilogy of lectures at the UET, Lahore and the Punjab University, in the year 1998.

The speaker gripped the audience with his scintillating style and described the birth of stars in the stellar nurseries, the intergalactic dust called the nebulae. The speaker enthused a new sense of wonder in the audience, who followed the session with a barrage of questions, turning the lecture into an interactive discussion.

In the end, the Chair of the session thanked the speaker and the President Dr Saadat for his immense contribution to the academic atmosphere inside the Punjab University through the KSS. The event was recorded on the still and video camera and results will be made available soon. Plans are also underway to make the video recording of the event publicly available on some decided cost.