Dr. Suhail Zubairi's impressions "Is Reality Really Real?"

Dear Prof. Siddiqi,

This is just to let you know how much I enjoyed my meeting with you and the opportunity to give a general lecture under Khwarizmi Society. It was delightful to see how so many people could be brought together on a working day to listen to science. This gives rise to hope and inspiration. The fact that the question-answer session went for almost 45 minutes speaks for the desire and the thirst for the discussion of new ideas in our younger generation. It was very impressive to see how almost everyone stayed till the very end.

All this should be a tribute to your initiative and tireless efforts on behalf of the Khwarizmi Society. As some one who has occasionally been involved in arranging seminars and conferences, I can truly appreciate how much energy and initiative is required to arrange such activities particularly when the infrastructure and the traditions are so weak.

Many thanks and wish you many delightful and successful events in the future.


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