Celebrating Astronomy

We are approaching schools in Punjab for organizing Falakiyati melas on their campuses. This will come at no cost for the schools. The students, teachers and parents at the local schools will be shown celestial bodies with the help of powerful telescopes, harboured by the Khwarizmi Science Society team.

If you would like our team come to our school download the material given below, fill in the forms and send back to the Society address.

KSS in Cern Courier

The April 2009 issue of the Cern Courier published by the Institute of Physics, UK carries a report of our lecture on the LHC grid.  The report was written by Umer Hassan, Life Member KSS and was titled: Pakistani students learn Grid Computing. The complete report can be viewed here.

Munnoo Bhai covers the Symposium on Science and the Muslim Civilization in his op-ed column


Munnoo Bhai is Pakistan's foremost columnist, journalist and dramatist. He writes his opinions about the KSS Symposium on Science and Muslim Civilization, published in the most widely circulating Urdu daily, "Jang".

Dr. Suhail Zubairi's impressions "Is Reality Really Real?"

Dear Prof. Siddiqi,

This is just to let you know how much I enjoyed my meeting with you and the opportunity to give a general lecture under Khwarizmi Society. It was delightful to see how so many people could be brought together on a working day to listen to science. This gives rise to hope and inspiration. The fact that the question-answer session went for almost 45 minutes speaks for the desire and the thirst for the discussion of new ideas in our younger generation. It was very impressive to see how almost everyone stayed till the very end.

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Dr Atta-ur-Rehman and Khwarizmi Science Society

On October 23, Dr Atta-ur-Rehman, Chairman Higher Education Commission, Pakistan presided over the seminar organized by COMSATS institute, Islamabad and Khwarizmi Science Society. The seminar was titled "Introduction to System-on-Chip Technology" and the speaker was Jauher Zaidi, PalmChip USA. This seminar will now be repeated at the COMSATS Institute Lahore. This will become a formal inauguration of the KSS in COMSATS, Lahore.

Embedded Systems Technology

A seminar on Embedded Systems Technology is being organized by the Khwarizmi Science Society and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore. There will be two sessions by Mr. Jauher Zaidi, CEO and Founder PalmChip USA, one in the COMSATS Institute Lahore and the other in the Higher Education Commission Building, Islamabad.

Postscript of Dr Salman's Astronomy Lecture

The Astronomy lecture on 14 October by Dr Salman Hameed was hailed as an encouraging success, with a healthy audience, a grasping speaker and seamless organization. The session was Presided by the Vice President of the Khwarzimic Science Society, Dr Hasan Shah, who is currently the Chairman of the Physics Department, Government College University and a long associate of the KSS. The event was mediated by the President KSS, Dr Saadat Anwar Siddiqi.

Dr Salman Hameed at University of the Punjab

Salman Hameed's popular lecture will be going as planned on Tuesday. See below for announcement posters of the event in Urdu and in English. Also check out the newspapers Jang and The News for advertisements, on coming Sunday, 12 October 2003.